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"That is better which is inherent in things better or prior or more honourable: thus health is better than strength and beauty." - Aristotle


Meet The Team


Owner: Demetrius Jones

Demetrius Jones is the owner of Demetrius Jones Personal Fitness and Wellness, the first and only private gym in Richmond County. In the past 20 years, he has trained over 1500 clients, all with unique needs and challenges. His client base includes individuals with physical disabilities as well as professional fighters, healthcare professionals, and long-distance runners.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Athletic Training and Environmental Sciences from the University of South Carolina. Demetrius has also received certifications in personal fitness through ACE (American Council on Exercise), ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), and IFPA (International Fitness Professional Association). His education and experience have allowed him to successfully perform post-rehabilitative work with clients who have suffered from stroke, heart attack, and even amputation; along with athletes in need of sports-specific training.

Outside of the Personal Fitness and Wellness business, he has trained in taekwondo and attained a third-degree black belt in Kempo with an emphasis in Mixed Martial Arts from Seigler's Karate as well as a purple belt in Jiu-jitsu under RCJ Machado. As a fighter, he attained the title of Golden Gloves and won the Joe Corley PKC 25th Battle of Atlanta. Demetrius is also the proud father of two boys, both of who have achieved numerous awards and recognitions for a wide variety of athletics, from basketball to equestrian sports.  


Head Trainer:

Victoria Valentin

Victoria Valentin is the head trainer at Demetrius Jones’ Personal Fitness and Wellness - DJ FIT Academy. She assists clients with achieving fitness and wellness goals through a holistic approach via individual and group sessions. As a certified personal trainer, Victoria specializes in weight gain and loss, enhancing athletic performance, physique training, and nutrition and has completed a two-year apprenticeship with Demetrius Jones.

Prior to joining DJ FIT Academy, she worked for Gold’s Gym. However, she has a strong preference for working in a smaller facility that does not follow the status quo. Victoria is dedicated to collaborating with individuals of all age groups and fitness and wellness backgrounds in the CSRA to effectively establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. Outside of the gym, she enjoys practicing mixed martial arts, figure skating, and most of all, being a mother.

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